Who Am I?

Nearly 25 years ago I sat calmly facing my therapist.  I said quite flatly to her “if I don’t learn why I do what I do I’ll be right back here in a few years time – different story, different people, but in a similar situation that I’m in now having made no progress toward changing my life for the better.”  She recommended Pathwork.  I got down to the REAL healing of self-discovery, integrity building and spiritual awakening.

The willingness to invest in my inner life changed my outer circumstances for the better.  Through the clearing of old habits, defenses, distortions and misconceptions, more and more of my true self came to the foreground, thus attracting healthy life experiences, opportunities, relationships and abundance.

Having walked the path myself, studying the Pathwork for over 20 years, and continuing my own development through additional professional classes, certifications and trainings, I have found my divine nature.