Destiny Readings

Destiny Readings

When should you have a Destiny Reading?

• Birthday approaching – to see the opportunities and challenges in the coming year

• Life task – why are you here, what are you working on, what is your karma

• Relationships – when, how compatible are you two, what are the strengths and weaknesses

• Understanding – spouse, friends, children, co-workers, boss, employee

• Career choices – what type of career best accentuates your natural ability

• Business launch – best timing for a new business, new job, new venture

• Scheduling – a move, a wedding, a surgery

You are, of course, not bound by destiny; however, the more you know about yourself and the other the more informed decisions you’ll make. Knowledge is power and power, tempered with wisdom, clears the path to freedom. Freedom to be Your Divine Nature.

Readings consist of a lengthy written report and a one hour, recorded consultation. You will be given both the report and a copy of your consultation at the conclusion of the reading. The report is useful for regular reference and is by intention both detailed and general. The recorded consultation between us is very specific, interactive and fluid. You’re able to ask questions throughout furthering the specificity of the consultation.

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