Every person senses an inner longing that goes deeper than the desire for emotional and creative fulfillment. This longing comes from sensing that another, more fulfilling, state of consciousness and a larger capacity to experience life must exist. How then can you find clarity about what is real and what is false about your deepest longing?

The clue to fulfillment is in you. When you find the attitudes in you that prevent you from experiencing life in a fulfilled and meaningful way, when you interpret the longing as a message from the core of your inner being, it sends you on a path that helps you to find your real self.  Your Divine Nature.

When the path opens up from within you, you begin to experience, maybe for the first time in your life, your own potential of being your own divinity.  You will feel your potential for pleasure and security, awareness of yourself and others, and therefore your infinitely greater power to relate to and comprehend others and to be with them without fear.

When your spiritual center begins to manifest, your ego consciousness integrates with it and you begin to be “lived through” as it were, by the spirit.  Your living becomes a spontaneous, effortless flow.

You can learn to release your illusions, face your misconceptions and over come your faults.  You learn to live and love fully and to create life experiences you desire, expressing yourself fully in your life in Your Divine Nature.

I can work with you to help release your illusions, to heal your mind-body experience, to explore opening to the fullness of your life. Through Counseling, Pathwork, Energetic Healing, and Destiny Readings, we can explore your unique unfolding.

For those interested in easing into the work through an introductory course, explore my Free Meditation Group, and Pathwork Samplers.

Lisa Schumacher